Michael D. Jolliffe, Professional Counselor Associate

Call/Text: (503) 609 0399

All people seek happiness and wish to avoid suffering, and all people have the right to pursue joy and freedom from pain. I believe that all people are capable of bringing constructive change into their lives, whatever their present circumstances. I view my job as providing a welcoming, supportive, safe, socially just, and competent space in which positive change can occur.

I employ an eclectic approach based on existential counseling theory, which seeks to help clients explore how the human condition impacts daily life; cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which seeks to help clients explore how thoughts impact feelings and actions; and family systems theory, which helps couples and families in particular explore and improve relationship dynamics. When appropriate, I also draw from Tibetan Buddhist philosophy to deepen discussions about love, compassion, and happiness. When appropriate and with clients’ permission, I make use of secular mindfulness and creative visualization techniques to support our discussions.

My Master of Science in Marital, Couple, and Family Counseling (2020) comes from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Major course work included human development, family life cycles, and counseling skills. I also hold a Master of Arts in Advanced Buddhist Studies (2009) from Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon. Major course work included Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan language, and meditation. I have received special training in suicide assessment and prevention (2019) from Lines for Life in Portland, Oregon.

Languages (Bachelor of Arts in Language Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 2005), reading, and teaching introductory Buddhism and meditation courses are some of my passions.

Counseling Specialties
  • Healing spiritual wounding
  • Counseling for professionals (physicians, dentists, attorneys, etc.), addressing burnout, compassion fatigue, depression, anxiety
  • Exploration of life purpose and meaning
  • LGBTQ+ individuals, families, and intimate partners
  • Men (individuals and couples)
  • Meditation and mindfulness instruction
Professional Disclosure Statement

This professional disclosure statement allows me to share important information about my philosophy and approach to counseling, the codes of ethics that I follow, my formal education and training, contact details for my supervisor, my fees, and your rights as a client. This document has been approved by the Board of Licensed Professional Counselor and Therapists.

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